Extension attachments for long handle tools

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eziMate BroomeziMate Broom eziMate RakeeziMate Rake eziMate ShoveleziMate Shovel eziMate Pressure CleaneziMate Pressure Clean eziMate GardeneziMate Garden eziMate RakeeziMate Rake eziMate Snow ShoveleziMate Snow Shovel
• Reduce back pain
• Over 40 applications
• Quick & easy to install
• Relieve hand & arm pain
• Adjusts to suit any height
• Ideal for arthritic conditions

Hand tool adaptor for long tool extensions and good physical safer working posture to reduced spinal injury risk and relieving back pain from bending and reaching in your home garden or at work or shovelling winter snow, etc. Discounted eziMate tool handle deals when you bulk buy this handy long tools extension accessory online sales with free delivery to USA, Canada, Mexico or anywhere north America.

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The eziMate long tool handle attachment easily attaches to all long handled tools and equipment, such as gardening tool, and long poles, transforming them into ergonomic tools designed to give the user dramatic back pain relief and safety benefits!

eziMate equipment tools long handles extension uniquely alters the point where the hands meet the tool and can dramatically reduce back pain, arm, hand and joint pain.

Attaches to long handled tools common in America

The eziMate long handles tools attachment has uses that span household chores, gardening, commercial work, leisure and sporting activities.Some of the many long handled tools that the eziMate can be attached to Made using durable UV stable materials and includes a BONUS built in allen key for easy assembly and use.
Available in 4 colors, attaches to garden hand tools, garden shovel handles, spade handles, snow shovel handles, yard rake handles
spade, roof rake handles, lawn care tools, bulb planting tool, long tools, fishing rods, pool skimmer handles, ax handles and many tools.

National Home Gardening Club Member Tested & Recommended!
eziMate received an amazing 90%+ approval rating when put to the test by the National Home Gardening Club members.